Book List

Alone With God (MacArthur, John)

Are You Ready For The End of Time? (Ryle, J.C.)
Attributes of God (Pink, A.W.)
Essential Truths of The Christian Faith (Sproul, R.C.)
Glory of Heaven, The (MacArthur, John)
God: Coming Face To Face With His Majesty (MacArthur, John)
If You Could Ask God One Question (Williams, Paul)
Know The Truth (Milne, Bruce)
Know What You Believe (Little, Paul)
Know Why You Believe (Little, Paul)
Knowing God (Packer, J.I.)
Love of God, The (MacArthur, John)
Pleasures of God, The (Piper, John)
Second Coming, The (MacArthur, John)
What Angels Wish They Knew (Begg, Alistair)

God In The Manger (MacArthur, John)

Battle for The Beginning (MacArthur, John)
God’s Words (Packer, J.I.)
How To Get The Most From God’s Word (MacArthur, John)
Knowing Scripture (Sproul, R.C.)
You Can Trust The Bible (Lutzer, Erwin W.)

Marriage, Family, and Dating
Boy Meets Girl (Harris, Joshua)
Christian Living In The Home (Adams, Jay)
I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Harris, Joshua)

Church, Church Life, and Ministry
Body Dynamic, The (MacArthur, John)
Cross and Christian Ministry, The (Carson, D.A.)
Life In The Father’s House (Swavely, Dave and Mack, Wayne)
Master’s Plan For The Church, The (MacArthur, John)
Nine Marks of A Healthy Church (Dever, Mark)
Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church (Whitney, Donald S.)

Book on Leadership, The (MacArthur, John)
Leading With Love (Strauch, Alexander)
Spiritual Leadership (Sanders, Oswald)

Spiritual Life
Cross-Centered Life, The (Mahaney, C.J.)
Dangerous Duty of Delight, The (Piper, John)
Desiring God (Piper, John)
Discipline of Grace, The (Bridges, Jerry)
Disciplines of A Godly Man (Hughes, Kent)
Don’t Waste Your Life (Piper, John)
Faith Works (MacArthur, John)
First Love (MacArthur, John)
Found: God’s Will (MacArthur, John)
Future Grace (Piper, John)
Grace and Truth Paradox, The (Alcorn, Randy)
Humility (Mahaney, C.J.)
Not Even A Hint (Harris, Joshua)
Practice of Godliness, The (Bridges, Jerry)
Purity Principle, The (Alcorn, Randy)
Pursuit of Holiness, The (Bridges, Jerry)
Quest For Character, The (MacArthur, John)
Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ (Piper, John)
Shopping For Time (Mahaney, Carolyn)
Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life (Whitney, Donald S.)
Transforming Grace (Bridges, Jerry)
Trusting God (Bridges, Jerry)
Valley of Vision (Bennett, Arthur)
Worldly Saints (Ryken, Leland)

Gospel and Salvation
Christ Our Mediator (Mahaney, C.J.)
Five Points of Calvinism, The (Steele, David N. and Thomas, Curtis C.)
God Is The Gospel (Piper, John)
Gospel According To Jesus, The (MacArthur, John)
How Can I Be Sure I’m A Christian? (Whitney, Donald S.)
Murder of Jesus, The (MacArthur, John)
Passion of Jesus Christ, The (Piper, John)
TULIP (Spencer, Duane Edward)

Christ’s Call To Discipleship (Boice, James Montgomery)
Master Plan of Discipleship, The (Coleman, Robert)

Evangelism and The Sovereignty of God (Packer, J.I.)
Gospel and Personal Evangelism, The (Dever, Mark)
Words To Winners of Souls (Bonar, Horatius)

Girl Talk (Mahaney, Carolyn and Whitacre, Nicole)

Thoughts For Young Men (Ryle, J.C.)

Hidden Smile of God, The (Piper, John)
Legacy of Sovereign Joy, The (Piper, John)

Treasure Principle, The (Alcorn, Randy)
Whose Money Is It Anyway? (MacArthur, John)